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Welcome! This is a document-slash-database-slash-spreadsheet for idea validation and pre-selling any type of product or service.

There are two main features on this page. The first is a Hypotheses / Risks table, which helps you figure out the most important things to validate for your idea.

The second is a Customer Interview table, which you can use to record customer conversations. It’s basically an opinionated, free, lightweight CRM for exploring an idea.

If this is your first time here, you’ll want to read the guides before jumping into the tables. Once you’re familiar with how this all works, feel free to delete the text in your copy of this document and just have the tables themselves.


Kevin Conti

How to use the Hypotheses / Risks table:

This table is your way of tracking the bigger picture throughout the messy process of customer interviews. You'll start with the hypotheses/risks you're aware of, move them through the board as you talk to customers, and write down more as you gain insight from your potential customers.

1) Start by writing out the risks and hypotheses that you're aware of.

A risk is a statement that, if true, would hurt or kill your business

A hypothesis is a guess at the results of an experiment. Normally used in a format such as:

"Out of the 50 people I reach out to, five will pre-pay for my product